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Hello world!

March 14, 2016
Hey guys, this is the SquareOne team! We want to confess something right off the bat: We’re frankly surprised that you’re actually reading this post! Well, since you’re here anyway, you might as well stay and look around, you know? We’re going to be posting some cool stuff

Cleartrip Flight Takeover! – Strategy & Microsite Development

December 13, 2017
Brief Engage a new set of customers over a long campaign period (~2 weeks), while building brand loyalty among Cleartrip’s existing customer base, while taking advantage of the heavy summer travel period. Inspiration How many times have you planned a trip with your friends, only for it to be

OK Computer – Automation, Technology 4.0 and Marketing

August 30, 2017
This article was written by Vignesh Ramani and originally appeared in the July 2017 edition of KEF Chronicles, a quarterly publication by KEF Holdings. KEF Holdings is a new age social enterprise with a focus on revolutionizing technology to make a difference. KEF Holdings is the parent company of

KEF Infra – Digital Strategy and Social Media Campaign

April 26, 2017
KEF Infra is one of the thought-leaders in the infrastructure industry and is a pioneer of offsite manufacturing in India. Instead of following traditional construction practices, they manufacture individual components of a building (columns, beams, hollow core slabs, wall panels, staircases,

Content is King – Who said it first?

November 24, 2016
After the advent of social media, this phrase has become the cornerstone for marketing agencies. Content is King. This has been heard and said by marketing managers so many times, it’s practically a meme in itself. But who said it first? Was it one of those talented people at Hubspot? Was it a

5 Non-Traditional But Traditional Diwali Gift Ideas For 2016

October 26, 2016
It’s that time of the year, and the nation is getting geared up to celebrate Diwali once again. The fireworks are primed, the diyas are lit, the gifts are packed and the sweets are… wait. The gifts aren’t packed? What’s that? You haven’t bought gifts yet? Hoooo boy. Cutting it a little

Where are all the good directors?

October 10, 2016
Has your heart been torn out by Housefull 3 and Student Of The Year? Did Fitoor tug at your purse strings more than it did your heart strings? Did Ki and Ka make you lose faith in humanity? Are you ready to murder anyone who starts singing Sanam Re in public? Were you frustrated that you had to

PMS In Men – Urban Legend Or Modern Reality?

August 29, 2016
Do men PMS? The thought occurred to the author, whose mood swings have often drawn parallels to the women’s menstrual cycle. So much so that it’s become common for his friends to declare “he’s got his chums” every time his mood goes for a toss. For the uninitiated, it’s a

Uber Dial – Marketing Masterstroke or Gimmick?

August 17, 2016
Uber just released its latest offering and the idea is mindblowing in its simplicity and audacity. The problem was simple: How to expand in an emerging market with plenty of low end smartphones, with users either unwilling or unable to install their app, and suspicious of giving their details to

Breaching the Digital Frontier – A Digital India Infographic

August 8, 2016
We recently pitched our services to a bunch of enterprises, trying to get their businesses and marketing online. One of the first things we realized was the inertia that these enterprises have with regards to taking something online. Digital and Social Media Marketing are still alien concepts to

Indigo Nation SS16 Campaign Short Videos

August 5, 2016
We ♥ Indigo Nation. They were one of the first big fashion brands to set up shop in Bangalore way back in the late 90s, the age of brick and mortar. They have gone from strength to strength over the last 17 years and have taken on the digital marketing age with panache. So, when they asked us
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