Cleartrip Flight Takeover! – Strategy & Microsite Development

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Engage a new set of customers over a long campaign period (~2 weeks), while building brand loyalty among Cleartrip’s existing customer base, while taking advantage of the heavy summer travel period.


How many times have you planned a trip with your friends, only for it to be completely forgotten? Timelines, accommodations, schedules, budgets, there always seems to be something that holds you back. What if someone fixed everything for you and all you had to do was turn up? No matter how young or how old you are, will you not jump at the chance? Especially if it was the beginning of Summer, and the plan was to go to the hottest vacation spot in India.


Flight Takeover!
Log in, fill your flight with 40 friends, check in and everyone gets an all expenses paid vacation to Goa!

How It Worked

Users could log in with their social accounts, importing all their contacts in one shot. Next, they had to choose their party-mates from their friend lists, import more contacts (if needed) & get the chosen ones to accept their invites. After that, all they had to do was to wait for the countdown to D-Day, cross their fingers and click “Check In!”!


How We Engaged

We ensured continuous engagement and repeat visits by creating two “micro-games” – Spin@6 and The Sweepstakes. Both games promoted the user’s interaction with Cleartrip over and above the main contest. Spin@6 was a luck-based game where the user could log into the website at 6PM everyday and click a button to win a prize (5 chances per day). The game helped users get accustomed to logging in at 6 PM in preparation for the final day’s Check In. Spin@6 was designed to pull users with smaller friend groups who were not contenders for the main prize.


On the other hand, The Sweepstakes were designed to engage competitive users who were looking for more opportunities to interact with the game. We incentivized successful invitations, social shares, and daily log-ins with points which contributed to a person’s overall sweepstakes score on a live leader-board. Top three scores at the end of the contest won, with 10 random prizes going out to users with lower scores. This promoted users with already full flights to get their friends to join Flight Takeover and still gave users with a lower score a chance to win some exciting prizes!



Close to 10,000 accounts were created and verified during the period of the contest, with about 2,700 DAU (daily active users) engaging with Cleartrip on the microsite. These users logged on at least 3 times a day, and had average session durations of about 7 minutes. The top positions on the leader board all had above 1000 points each, showing the engagement levels of the participants. Overall the website clocked around 6000 sessions a day on average. 37 teams with fully filled flights vied for the top prize, with one lucky team bagging the mega INR 1.2 Million prize!


We thank Cleartrip and MullenLowe Lintas (and their seriously kick-ass creative team) for the opportunity to work with them on this project, and hopefully we’ll get to do something as exciting with them in 2018 as well!

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