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This article was written by Vignesh Ramani and originally appeared in the July 2017 edition of KEF Chronicles, a quarterly publication by KEF Holdings. KEF Holdings is a new age social enterprise with a focus on revolutionizing technology to make a difference. KEF Holdings is the parent company of our client, KEF Infra.

Automation has invaded almost every industry over the last 75 years and people continue to find cutting edge uses for it. Bitcoin (and consequently blockchain) is one of the most interesting uses of automation to come out of the Technology 4.0 revolution. The use of automation to securely execute and verify cryptographically protected financial transactions is fascinating.

The boundary between the physical and digital worlds is blurring. The idea of people using currency which had no physical counterpart was outlandish just 10 years ago. Right now? 2.9 million to 5.8 million people use a cryptocurrency wallet every day and according to The Wall Street Journal, bitcoin was starting to look slightly more stable than gold in Apr 2016. Accenture’s Digital Industry Index report “Industry X.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things” says:

“The industrial landscape, working life and production systems are changing. The question is no longer when, but how to respond.”


Technology 4.0 has begun to permeate through every industry on the face of the planet. Image Credit: KEF Chronicles

Automation in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has been just as affected by this revolution as anything else. Set up in 1992, Unica was one of the pioneers of the push towards automation in marketing. This segment really saw a boom when faster mobile and broadband internet penetration helped vendors build cloud based tools. With the advent of social media and IoT, marketing automation made the final shift from simple email automation to 360-degree integrated digital automation. This has given birth to, or improved, various facets of digital marketing like demand generation, inbound marketing, lead scoring, predictive analytics, customer retention and data integration. Among these, the two most important fields, without doubt, are Omni-channel marketing and Dynamic advertising.

Omni-channel marketing (OCM) ensures that consumers now get a seamless and uniform sales experience across various channels both offline and online. OCM ties together disparate consumer touch points into a single holistic experience.

IBM’s super computer Watson can process 500 gigabytes of data per second and has the potential to convert Big Data into Big Insights. Using Watson’s advanced cognitive learning and processing capabilities along with a fully integrated system of IoT devices, marketers can deliver personalized content across multiple channels and unify a user’s journey and interaction with brands. This content can be further tailored with user data, with a click of a button!

Dynamic ads use the power of automation to help marketers deliver a campaign marketing multiple products to multiple demographics, targeting multiple interests and behaviours, and yet remain on-message. These ads have been proven to be one of the most effective methods when it comes to converting leads into paying customers.

A user who put a product into his shopping cart but decided not to buy it can be targeted with messages and offers about that specific product via social media, emails and banner ads – all with zero intervention from human hands. Dynamic video ad formats like Google Vogon take this a step further. They use user data – gender, age, location, preferences, actions – to modify video elements on the go and deliver a truly personalized video experience to consumers. Digi Music, a music streaming service, used the user’s Youtube video history to determine their favourite bands and deliver a targeted, hard-hitting message asking the user to stream their favourite artist using their service. Using automation, Digi Music managed to maintain the brand’s relevance among listeners of folk music and heavy metal, all within the same campaign video.


It’s no longer a matter of when, but how to respond. Image Credit: KEF Chronicles

Automation in Interaction

Automation has helped marketers move on from simple one-way brand-facing communication to interactive communication with user generated content. Consumers can now interact with brand messaging, spurring marketers to come up with crazier, wackier, more interesting ideas every day!

An international airline carrier announced their London – Amsterdam flights by setting up mystery boxes in these two cities. People standing in front of a mystery box in Amsterdam would see and hear people who were standing in front of the corresponding box in London. All they had to do was talk to each other and execute a perfectly timed hi-five through the screens of their box and they would be rewarded with flight tickets. Using an array of video, audio and pressure sensors, the audio-video experience, speech translations, as well as the process of recognizing the timing of the hi-five was completely automated.

Technology 4.0 is helping marketers and consumers find the balance between intrusive and non-intrusive communication. Consumers now will no longer have to see any marketing messages they aren’t interested in, and marketers will no longer waste time and resources reaching out to people who are not inclined to listen to them.

Technology 4.0 continues to change the world we live in at a blinding pace, and in ways we are yet to comprehend. In such a data-driven world, businesses must adapt their operational model and invest in mission-critical technology to stay ahead of the curve.

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