5 Non-Traditional But Traditional Diwali Gift Ideas For 2016

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It’s that time of the year, and the nation is getting geared up to celebrate Diwali once again. The fireworks are primed, the diyas are lit, the gifts are packed and the sweets are… wait. The gifts aren’t packed? What’s that? You haven’t bought gifts yet? Hoooo boy. Cutting it a little fine there, aren’t you? If you’re anything like us, you’re probably tired of gifting the same cards and sweets and clothes to your near and dear ones year after year. But in this age of e-commerce startups, how can there possibly be no interesting gift options? We put together a list of five Indian websites which have a really cool collection of quirky, non-traditional, yet traditional Diwali gift options. Take a look.


Jaypore is an eclectic collection of a variety of products from artisans and craftsmen from all around India with one thing in common – beauty. Apart from having an interesting collection of clothes, jewellery and accessories, they also have a wide range of products in their home and décor section and many gifting options. Their collections like “Brass Favors” and “An Artisanal Home” are unique and beautiful. Their range of lithographs and textile art are extensive and you could never go wrong with a candle/tea-light holder as a Diwali gift!

Brass diyas, table top accents to stay rooted; available now on jaypore.com

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“Areev” was coined from the Sanskrit words Sundaree and Vidhi, and their products are an amalgam of beauty and nature. Their passion for fragrances and natural ingredients has resulted in a lovely line of bath, skin and lip products made from naturally derived ingredients. Their products are categorized into “Hair”, “Skin” and “Face”, which are further arranged by category, concern, line and type. Of course, as a Diwali gift, you’ll be looking to buy one of their luxury gift boxes which contain a selection of Areev skin, hair and body products in an attractive case.


Engrave, like Jaypore, works with Indian artisans and craftsmen, but they have a unique twist – every product on their website is 100% handmade, so anything you buy is 100% unique and one of a kind. They started off selling customised engraved name plates and plaques, but now sell a wide range of arts and crafts and home décor pieces. They have a few Diwali gift baskets and hamper options for their Bath & Beauty products, and their decorative plate designs look amazing as well.


Shimply is touted as one of India’s fastest growing multi-category marketplaces, and has a range of products (1.7 crore listings, according to their website) from various regions in India. Apart from their collection of clothing, jewellery, beauty care and health products, they also have a delectable collection of handicrafts, paintings, home furnishings and puja supplies. From their beautiful and complicated Madhubani Paintings to their simple vases, their collection will absolutely delight you.


Last in this list, and definitely not the least is Chumbak, a website dedicated to making fun souvenirs for India and Indians. With a mix of retail locations, pop-up stores and an e-commerce website, Chumbak has been wow-ing us for 6 years with their innovative designs and products. For the festive season, they have a special Diwali gift store with a “Gold Collection” and gift box options. Don’t forget to check out their blog for Diwali home decoration ideas!

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