Breaching the Digital Frontier – A Digital India Infographic

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We recently pitched our services to a bunch of enterprises, trying to get their businesses and marketing online. One of the first things we realized was the inertia that these enterprises have with regards to taking something online. Digital and Social Media Marketing are still alien concepts to these otherwise shrewd businessmen and women. Education had to be one of our primary focuses if we wanted to get their business. We got down to it, and collected stats and figures about internet usage in India. User personas, demographics data, digital marketing stats, the whole shebang. Truth be told, some of the statistics surprised even us! Did you know that 30-second videos had an 88% completion rate on YouTube? Isn’t that a great tool for marketing? Our round of presentations got over and we realized that we had a lot of interesting data. What better way to present it than an infographic! We split our Digital India Infographic into two parts, the first one concentrating on general stats, and the second one on the commercial and marketing aspect of the internet.

Well, what are you still reading this for? Go ahead and immerse yourself into all 2.5 million pixels of “Breaching The Digital Frontier”!

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