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Whether you’re a man or a woman, your wedding day is probably one of the most important days in your life. And it’s probably one of the most important days in your and your spouse’s parents’ lives as well! And as photos are one of the few memorabilia from that special, special day (apart from your wedding rings, of course), it’s important to look good in your wedding photos! Having shot so many weddings over the past few years, I can tell you that “How do we look good in our wedding photographs” is the one question that EVERY couple asks me, no exceptions. Well, I thought I’d put together a few simple tips for you prospective couples to follow and you’ll look good in each and every wedding photo!

Chapter 1: Invest in a quality candid wedding photographer.

Look, I know weddings are costly affairs. I’ve seen them all. You’re trying to stick to budget and no matter what you do, somehow your expenses exceed them every time. Suddenly you realize that your second cousin Binny owns a DSLR and keeps posting those fancy pictures with blurred backgrounds on facebook all the time! So… you get an idea. Cancel the candid wedding photographer (whose photographs you fell in love with), hire a traditional photographer and then let Binny take all the candid wedding photographs he can! Genius, right? WRONG. So wrong. Candid wedding photography is no cake walk, and I’m not saying that just because I’m a candid wedding photographer! Binny will have to be motivated enough to sit through hours and hours of ceremonies with changing conditions and light, ignore all his friends and family who are probably there having fun, and photograph your wedding instead. Now that you remember Binny quit Karate class three days after joining, doesn’t seem so great an idea now, does it? Candid wedding photographers invest lakhs and lakhs in equipment and skill development and know how to handle all these situations and make any photograph look great. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the numbers and see for yourself!

candid wedding photographer

Candid wedding photographers are the difference between good and great wedding photos!

Chapter 2: Hair and Makeup

Same as for the candid wedding photographer, investing in good hair and makeup artistes is a must! Make sure to choose experienced experts who have done weddings before. Well done make up will barely show, and yet give you a natural glow in your photos!

candid wedding photographer

Good make up/hair styling can jazz up your wedding photos!

Chapter 3: Choose your outfit wisely.

The Bride has to stand out. Bright pinks, purples, reds all stand out and make the bride look great! At the same time, the Groom has to look great too, and complement the Bride! Their colours don’t necessarily match, but tiny touches go a long way. The Bride’s brooch can match the colour of the Groom’s outfit and so on. The couple needs to be comfortable with the clothes they’re wearing, or at least as comfortable as they can get. They’ll probably spend hours on hours in the same outfit and it’s important to be comfortable with what they’re wearing. Remember, a happy couple produces a happy wedding photograph! If you’re having fun, it will definitely show in your wedding photos!

Candid wedding photographer

Candid wedding photographers can get out the best from the colours

Chapter 4: Practice a few poses!

Well, that duck face may look good in all your instagram pics, but trust me (I’m a candid wedding photographer), that’s not what you (or your children) will want to see in your wedding photographs a couple of decades down the line. Look through a few blogs, pinterest, your own candid wedding photographer’s portfolio and your facebook feed and see how models and brides pose in wedding photos. Try them out in front of a mirror (close the door if you’re shy) and see what works! You can ask your to-be-spouse to join in and try to get comfortable with each other in your poses. Figure out your good sides, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! And the best part of having an experienced candid wedding photographer is that you’ll never have to have a fake smile or laugh! He/She will definitely capture your best, from-the-heart laugh!

best bangalore wedding photographer

Your candid wedding photographer can make the best better!

Hopefully those tips will help you get some great wedding photographs! It is important to have a sit-down with your partner and candid wedding photographer before the ceremony and hash out all the details. It’ll definitely help you have a stress free wedding and, of course, amazing wedding photographs! Of course, you could save yourself the hassle and just hire Bangalore’s Best Candid Wedding Photographer (hint: it’s me!)!

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