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We love our new offices! Not only do we now have a larger space, a studio, a refrigerator (read: instant beer), it also gave us new neighbours. And our favourite by far has been Zivame. We’ve been doing a few of their campaign and marketplace photoshoots recently, but they approached us asking for a content solution for their new line of beautiful scarves with a speedy turnaround time. They wanted something to post on their social media pages, especially instagram, to herald the arrival of their newest collection. We decided to leverage our studio space, spare mannequins and proximity to their office and came up with these delicious GIFs in less than half a day.

The only question is… What’s Your Style?

Zivame GIF Social Content                    Zivame GIF Social Content

Do leave your comments below and tell us what you think! If you’re looking at getting similar content developed for your brand, do get in touch with us. If you’re looking for content, but simple GIFs don’t cut it, check out our portfolio page and the rest of our blog, where we’ve whipped up a ton of other stuff. Follow us on facebook for more posts like this and tips and tricks about marketing and content creation!

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